Manufacturer of diagnostic chemistry products for human and veterinary laboratories

Catachem Inc. supplies high quality testing solutions to veterinarians, veterinary laboratories and specialty human laboratories. The company's goal is to provide useful, cost effective products that produce accurate results on which better treatment decisions can be made.

The company shifted its research focus mid 1990's towards the development of veterinary and specialty assays for the measurement of Potassium Bromide, Fructosamine, ß-HBA (ß-Hydroxybutyrate), Bile Acids, Lactate, NEFA (Nonesterified Fatty Acids), PFH (Plasma free hemoglobin) and Ethylene Glycol (both a Quantitative and a Qualitative assay.)

Catachem Inc. has applied its reagent development skills to a new line of veterinary reagents for the CataChemWell-T analyzer. Through its relationship with Awareness Technology Inc., the analyzer's manufacturer, this partnership has produced a small versatile analyzer system capable of performing most of the common veterinary assays as well as many of the specialty assays usually carried out by a larger reference laboratory.

In the Dairy Industry, Catachem has added a sensitive Point of Care (P.O.C.) assay for progesterone (Milk Progesterone) to the company's product line. This simple test is used by the farmer to determine efficient bovine insemination schedules for milk producing cows.

Catachem is also working with ScheBo Biotech Ag to bring the ScheBo Pancreas Elastase test to the USA. This test allows the veterinarian to immediately “Rule Out” Canine Pancreatic Insufficiency with an “in clinic” test rather than starving the animal for 12 hours and taking a blood sample for laboratory analysis.

CataChemWell-T Analyzer

ScheBo Pancreas Elastase 1 Test

Milk Progesterone Test