Catachem, after its founding in 1984, became a leading manufacturer of clinical chemistry reagents for use on continuous flow automated analyzers used primarily in the human diagnostics laboratory. As these analyzers were gradually replaced by more flexible random access machines, the company adjusted its reagent product line to fit these new types of analyzers. The company now has a complete line of clinical chemistry reagents, most of which are FDA 510K approved for use in the human laboratory.

The company changed its focus in the mid 1990’s and started to develop more specialized assays for both veterinary use as well as research use. The veterinary product line, with its VetSpec™ reagents, has become more significant as the company increased its presence in the veterinary field with many of these reagents reformulated to cope with the diversity of samples encountered in a veterinary practice.

Catachem Inc. purchased Bacton Assay Systems Inc., a manufacturer of immuno-turbidimetric diagnostic reagents, in 2010 to add immunoassay expertise to its manufacturing capabilities. The company also moved from Bridgeport, CT to Oxford, CT in the same year, to a new manufacturing facility.

Commitment to the Environment

Catachem’s aim remains the production of useful test reagents of high quality and good value and do so in such a way as to minimize waste and the company’s carbon footprint. Our new reagent boxes, for example, are made from 100% recycled and similarly recyclable cardboard. Similarly, our packing peanuts are biodegradable. Most recently, Catachem has switched to LED site-wide to reduce our use of electricity! We believe that the economical use of our resources not only benefits our environment, but also our company and the resources of our customers.

Key Personnel


David Templeton
Chief Operating Officer

Harry Folderauer

Cyndy Wulfsberg
Business Development Manager

Janet Hassell
Senior Chemist

Erik Eskind
Logistics Manager

Jessica Barry
Chemistry Technician

Angelo Guerrera

Not Pictured:

Luis Leon
Founder/Chief Executive Officer