Human Diagnostics – Applications

List of analyzers for which Catachem has instrument parameters for most of the DiscretPak™ line of diagnostic chemistry reagents. If your analyzer is not listed, call Catachem technical services for assistance.

Manufacturer Analyzer
Abbott Aeroset
Abbott Spectrum series
Abbott EPX
Abbott Architect
Alfa Wasserman ACE
Awareness Technology, Inc. STAT FAX
Awareness Technology, Inc. CataChemWell-T
Beckman-Coulter Synchron CX
Beckman-Coulter LX-20
Dade-Behring Dimension series
Medica Corporation Easy RA
Olympus (Beckman Coulter) AU400/600/800 series
Olympus (Beckman Coulter) AU2700,5200,5400,5800
ORTHO Vitros/51F/S
Roche Cobas 6000
Roche Cobas P800
Roche Hitachi Series
Roche Modular
Siemens Diagnostics Opera
Siemens Diagnostics Vista
Siemens Diagnostics ADVIA1650