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2019 Annual Meeting of the American Dairy Science Association

Catachem attended the annual meeting of the ADSA from June 23 through June 26, 2019 in Cincinatti, OH. We brought our in-house analyzer, the CatachemWell-T, as well as CataClear and Catachem Precipitating Reagent for eliminating lipids and protein for the study of analytes in milk. Dr. Heather White spoke about her research with much of her data generated off of our analyzer. Check out the articles below for more information!

  • Martin, M. J., S. J. Erb, E. T. Ronk, S. J. Bertics, M. R. Moede, K. A. Weigel, and H. M. White. 2019. Differences in mammary gland uptake of post-absorptive energy metabolites may contribute to residual feed intake variation. J. Dairy Sci. Accepted (Abstr.)
  • Pralle, R.S., Holdorf, H.T., Seely, C.S., Caputo Oliveira, R., and White. H.M. 2019. Abundance of hepatic patatin-like phospholipase domain-containing protein 3 protein was inversely related to peripartum hepatic triglyceride accumulation. J. Dairy Sci. ACCEPTED (Abstr.)
  • Seely, C.R., H.T. Holdorf, R.S. Pralle, R.C. Oliveira, J.L. Woolf, M.R. Meode, S.J. Erb, H.M. White. 2019. Characterization of peripartum metabolites in cow with varying degrees of liver triglyceride accumulation. J. Dairy Sci. ADSA Natl. Mtg., Cincinnati, OH (Abstr.)
  • Seely, C.R., H.T. Holdorf, R.S. Pralle, R.C. Oliveira, J.L. Woolf, M.R. Meode, S.J. Erb, H.M. White.  2019. Use of circulating metabolites and milk production variable to generate linear regression models for the prediction of postpartum liver triglycerides. J. Dairy Sci. ADSA Natl. Mtg., Cincinnati, OH (Abstr.)
  • Weld, K., C. Bradley, J. Davidson, and H. M. White. 2019. Adipose tissue and plasma fatty acid profile during the peripartum period differ by parity, but not by late lactation dietary fatty acid profile. ADSA Annual Meeting.
  • Weld, K. A., R. Caputo Oliveira, K. J. Sailer, H. T. Holdorf, S. J. Bertics, and H. M. White. 2019. Hepatic pyruvate carboxylase expression at parturition differed in cows that subsequently developed hyperketonemia. ADSA Annual Meeting.
  • White, H. M. 2019. Influencing Hepatic Metabolism: Can fatty acids and methyl donors modulate nutrient partitioning to support metabolic health in the transition dairy cow? Foundation Scholar and Invited Symposium Speaker. ADSA Annual Meeting.

8th International Symposium on Aquatic Animal Health

Catachem attended the 8th annual ISAAH from September 2nd through September 6th, 2018 in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada. We displayed our CatachemWell-T as well as various other products we have to offer.
New York Vet – November 2017

Catachem attended the first annual New York Vet show in New York City this November. The show was held in the Javits Center located in nearby New York City! The CatachemWell-T was displayed for demonstrations as well as the Seamaty and its different types of rotors, our ethylene glycol screening test and more. If you stopped by our booth or spoke with one of our chemists, you should have received a postcard with a link to a survey on the back. Fill this out and receive a FREE box of Skunk Nix as well as enter to win one of two $25 Amazon gift cards! Pictured below is Janet, Catachem’s QA Manager at our NY Vet Booth.

Southwest Veterinary Symposium – September 2017

Catachem attended the Southwest Veterinary Symposium held in San Antonio, TX from September 22nd through September 24th. The ChemWell-T was demonstrated for interested spectators and “magic” Skunk Nix kits were given out to those who showed us our pre-show mailers! Pictured below is Catachem’s Business Development Manager, Cyndy, at our booth!

New! EquiChek Serum Amyloid A Test
Catachem is pleased to announce its partnership with Accuplex in Ireland to distribute EquiChek, a Serum Amyloid A test for horses. The test is run in the stable, by the trailer, in the pasture or in the clinic. Easy-to-read lines indicate to the veterinarian whether systemic inflammation is present.

EquiChek can be used for purposes ranging from prepurchase exams to preparing for breeding. With EquiChek, veterinarians can get additional insight into a horse’s health status even before the animal presents signs of infection or inflammation.

Click here to learn more!

New! ScheBo Pancreas Elastase 1 Quick Test
Catachem has partnered with ScheBo Biotech AG in Germany to bring to the USA Schebo’s “Rule out“ test for Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) – its Canine Pancreatic Elastase test.

Dogs with EPI can present with a number of symptoms including frequent vomiting, diarrhea, rapid weight loss, and a dull coat. This simple stool test can be peformed in the veterinary clinic but is simple enough to be done at home if you suspect your four-legged friend may be suffering from EPI. No blood sampling is required and definitive results are ready in 10 minutes. The kit includes all materials required.

Click here to learn more about EPI and the Schebo rule-out test.