Catalog number H135-0B 
Apo-B Test reagent
Manufacturers Identification
353 Christian Street, Suite 2
Oxford, CT 06478
Phone: (203) 262-0330 
Fax: (203) 262-9836
Section I - Name and Product
♦ Product Name: APO B REAGENT in kit form having two 
Components, R1 & R2:
Component 1 - Antibody Reagent. 
Component 2 - Activator Reagent. 
♦ Chemical Family or Product Type: Clinical Reagent for in vitro diagnostic
CONTACT: For more information, contact Catachem Inc - Quality Control Dept.
 Emergency Telephone No.: 203-262-0330
Section II - Composition
Component 1 - Buffered goat serum with sodium azide (w/v 0.1%,CAS# 26628-22-8)
Component 2 - Buffered surfactant with sodium azide (w/v 0.1%,CAS# 26628-22-8)
Section III - Physical Data
Boiling Point: N/A Melting Point: N/A
Specific Gravity: N/A Vapor Pressure: N/A
Percent Volatile by Vol.: N/A Vapor Density: N/A
Evaporation Rate: N/A
Solubility in Water: All solutions are aqueous solutions
Appearance and Odor: Clear, colorless liquids
Section IV - Fire and Explosion Hazard
CAUTION: The Reagent of this package contains 0.1% sodium azide as a use only as preservative. Sodium azide can react with lead or copper plumbing to form highly explosive metal azides. When disposing of reagent through plumbing fixtures, flush simultaneously with copious quantities of water.
Section V - Health Hazard
PRECAUTION: This Reagent is for in vitro diagnostic use only. DO NOT USE FOR HUMAN USE OR ANIMAL INJECTION. Avoid ingestion or contact with skin or eyes as the toxicity of this reagent has not been determined. If contact with skin or eyes occurs, immediately flush skin or eyes with water. CONSULT a physician immediately if irritation persists.
Section VI - Reactivity Data
Stability: Stable
Polymerization: Will Not Occur
Incompatibility: N/A
Decomposition Products: N/A
Conditions to be avoided: Do not store reagent components at freezing (0°C) temperatures. Reagent is stable until expiration date on label when stored at 2°-8° C.
Section VII - Spill and Disposal Procedures
♦ Leaks or Spills: Flush affected area with water and wipe with a dry
♦ Waste Disposal Method: Follow Federal, State and Local regulations for the  disposal of hazardous waste materials used in clinical laboratory testing procedures.
Section VIII - Personal Protection Information
♦ Respiratory Protection: Not required.
♦ Ventilation: Good general ventilation is required; no local exhaust is required.
♦ Eye Protection: The use of safety glasses and latex gloves are recommended when working with bulk reagents.
♦ Protective Clothing: The usual laboratory protective clothing such as laboratory coats should be used.
♦ Contamination: Measures to be taken during repair and maintenance of contaminated equipment that has been in contact with this product - Wash equipment with water.
Section IX - Special Precautions
Store reagent at temperature recommended by package label or package insert (2°-8° C).
Avoid ingestion and contact with skin or eyes.
Section X - Other Information
The products in this package are intended for assembly into immunoassay kit reagents and have been labeled in accordance with CFR 21, Section 809.10 of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines.
NOTE: The information contained herein has been compiled from data presented  in various technical sources believed to be accurate. Catachem Inc. makes no warranties and assumes no liability in connection with the use of this information. The user must determine the suitability of this data and must ensure adoption of necessary safety precautions.
The above information is believed to be correct, but does not purport to be all inclusive and should be used only as a guide. Catachem Inc. shall not be held liable for any damage resulting from handling or from contact with the above product. For technical assistance please call: 203-262-0330.