EquiChek™ SAA Test

Catachem is pleased to announce its partnership with Accuplex Diagnostics in Ireland to bring to the USA EquiChek: a horse-side test for inflammation. Using a novel assay format to detect Serum Amyloid A (SAA) in whole blood samples, the EquiChek test eliminates the need for laboratory equipment and can quickly and conveniently be performed in the office, stall, or field.

Rapid rises in SAA are very clear shortly after onset of inflammation, even for subclinical conditions, whereas fibrinogen levels, the current yardstick, often do not change significantly, making fibrinogen testing unreliable and often redundant (JAVMA 2013). The test strip can indicate mild to severe inflammation, giving the veterinarian a look at the animal’s initial condition and later its response to treatment via re-testing. Frequent abortions occur when a sick animal goes undetected. The use of the Equichek SAA test can help prevent these abortions.

Uses for EquiChek include:
  • Assessing overall wellness and condition
  • Use as an indicator to continue with more detailed diagnostic testing
  • Detection of subclinical inflammation
  • Monitoring of response to treatment of an inflammatory condition or disease
  • Assessment of joint health
  • Pre-breeding checks
  • Monitoring health status prior to high-performance events
  • Screening during a pre-purchase exam
  • Assessing health prior to or after transportation
  • Confirming presence of an inflammatory condition from problems such as disease, infection, and overtraining

Advantages of EquiChek:

    • Test can be run with whole blood, serum, or plasma
    • Easily performed wherever it is needed, including animal side
    • Each kit includes all necessary material
    • Results show a normal reading as fast as 2-3 minutes and a reading of an animal with inflammation in 5-10 minutes
    • Lines are easily read to distinguish a normal animal from a horse with low, moderate, or high inflammation
    • Product is stable at 4 – 27 C (does not require refrigeration) with an 18 month expiration date

To view our EquiChek brochure, please click here.

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